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half formed metaphors [poem]

I think I figured it out
the formula how to calculate the number of
beats per minute
my heart has to pump
to keep this borrowed body moving
it’s not just a pulse it needs
but food and shelter and
I’ve figured these things out
bit by bit
as the sound of your voice becomes
a strangely distant mumble
I don’t remember
the last words you said that day as
we stood in the same room
with a mountain of disillusions between us
your name
is treated like a touchy motion sensor
we whisper and pray that
it won’t set off my car alarm heart tonight
all the crossed wires guarantee
I need an expert to take a look under the hood
to straighten things out
I always knew you were a blown fuse
this is how my mind functions now
a faulty computer full of poorly written code and
half formed metaphors


bookdragon, poet, witch

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