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kill them with kindness [poem]

kill them with kindness or
how to turn your enemies into friends or
why everything’s easier when you stop trying so hard or
life instructions on how to be a decent human being
smile with your eyes first so they know you mean it
the mouth can lie with clever lips and tongue and sparkling teeth
but they’ll see the truth in your eyes
learn to speak light into the darkest moment
so they know where you stand
even when the space between you is murky and undefined
always embrace a chance
to let go of whatever they did to upset you
until they realize they’ve lost the power to do so
fill your mind with magic
when they face your wild spirit it will teach them
to believe again in something beyond their pettiness
be alive and become a beacon of hope on fire
too bright and bold and burning and brilliant
for them to handle


bookdragon, poet, witch

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