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poison [poem]

I’m drinking poison
sickly sweet and slick across my tongue
my throat closes
swells with emotions until I choke
on everything I can’t handle
feeling for you
my severe allergy
to fickle friendship and empty enemies
I consume the toxin
let you in
with the hopes that this will kill me
I don’t want to live to be stronger
there is no stronger
only harder
a doomsday bunker heart covered in rust and dust
and so empty
I hide
waiting out your patience born of disinterest
and I realize you are still breathing as my own heart
stutters to a stop
this assassin’s mistake
the belief our lives were ever tied in such a way
that you’d taste the bitter end
on my lips
before they grew blue and cold
you sipped your own wine and never even glanced
at my corpse


bookdragon, poet, witch

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