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Chapter [poem]

You are a chapter in my book.
I will tell everyone the good of you,
but also the bad.
They will see your smile and hear your laughter,
and they will feel betrayal when my tears
leak across the pages.
You will be laid bare by my words,
everything you’ve done in my presence an odd display.

I wonder often how it’d feel
to have someone write me into such exposure.
Does anyone think of me
with that level of intense clarity?
Did I break anyone hard enough to leave a mark?
Is there damage somewhere
with my fingerprints along the seams?

Am I the only person in my life
to remember the past so vividly?
I experience the present and
enjoy the approaching future…
But the past has never left me.
Your words, your deeds,
your every act of kindness and unkindness
walk forward with me each step of the way.


bookdragon, poet, witch

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