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to the daughter I never had – part 1 [poem]

To the daughter I never had…
a few words of advice.
Remember to follow your dreams,
but don’t walk off the edge of a cliff you can see coming.
Learn to let go of things that do not serve,
even if you really, really want them to stay.
Forget being normal, it’s impossible.
Instead, strive to be you.
Know that your nonexistence means
I get to chase other dreams, and
for that, at least, I’m thankful.
Love with force,
because loving is a contact sport and
timidity will get you nowhere. Believe me.
Keep the peace if you can, but
don’t be a doormat. Be the door, and the lock,
be the entire building full of treasures and
be the guard dog, too. With teeth.
Bite those who ignore the warning signs.
Be the warning signs and their sticky tape.
Follow whatever fulfills you, no matter how
small or
overwhelming or
different it may be.
Don’t let anyone but you have a say
in what you can and cannot do with your life.


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