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I’d like to think
the reason so many have run from the commitment of loving me
is that I am too wild a thing to tie down,
that they see the travesty in making me tame,
making me stay put.

I’d like to think
the reason my heart is so full of love for people who want nothing of it
is that I am a goddess among mortals,
that my love is too awe-inspiring,
too overwhelming for a mere human to handle.

I’d like to think
the reason people leave
is that they are repelled from my presence
by virtue of the radiance of my heart,
for only the true can stay
and they recognize their own dishonesty
before I ever do.

I’d like to think
the reason I heal so quickly
is that I’m resilient and complete on my own,
capable of letting go and moving on
from hard times, hurt, and anger.

My father left,
turned tail the minute he could,
and forgot the daughter he never wanted.

My first love kept me at arm’s length until the day he left,
accepting my love while keeping his dark secrets between us as armor.

My high school sweetheart ran as graduation approached,
even though I told him I had no plans to follow him to college.

My knight in shining armor turned his back on me and on himself,
becoming a bitter man by the time we met again.

My sweet warrior had too many dents in her own heart
to deal with handling mine,
so she stepped back to the safety of friendship.

My poet took a look at his future
and decided it was too full of roots,
and all he wanted was his wings.

I’m coming to realize that I am loved,
but I am not a lover one keeps for long.
Those who love me best tend to be those who love my friendship,
rather than my romance.


bookdragon, poet, witch

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