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Book Review: “Interfaced” by Emerson Doering

I vlogged my first book review! The book was Interfaced by Emerson Doering, an ebook that was on sale (i.e. free) when I found it. Pixel of Ink listed it on the daily deals post just a few weeks ago, I believe.

Rating on Goodreads: 4 stars

Would I recommend this book? Yes.

– I love the way the girl’s experiences are detailed, from her first experience moving toys with her mind to her eventual abilities after surgery. I also love the way we see the doctor’s issues with anger and fear. He has a legitimate panic attack while speaking in public, which we discover is largely based on a prior negative experience that included injury.

– I love the conspiracy that runs through the story.

– The author’s voice takes some getting used to, because he uses lots of partial sentences (like someone Southern is reading you a story). For a grammar fiend, it’s hard to get past at first. However, it’s clearly a style choice and not accidental errors.

– I dislike the epilogue; it’s too wrapped up in a bow and skips the emotions of adjusting to who’s died, what’s changed, etc. I like loose ends to be taken care of, but this epilogue just didn’t work for me.

– I absolutely hated the two boys (Pale Eyes and Adam?) that were eluded to repeatedly. I thought the main character had been raped, but it turns out to be non-sexual violence. I won’t ruin anything else, just know that they aren’t rapists.

– It was often hard to follow most action scenes visually, because too much was going at the same time. I’d lose track of who threw that thing over there, or exactly how someone was laying after falling to the ground.

Update (April 2020): While working to update my website and old reviews like this one, I discovered this book is no longer available online. The series itself has been pulled from Amazon Kindle, as far as I can tell.


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