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Ethics: Honesty

The following questions were found at the end of Chapter 2: Honesty in When, Why, If by Robin Wood.

[1] Define honesty.
Honesty is the truth in whatever package it is delivered (tactful or not). It’s a matter of honor, in
my eyes, because your word is your power (and a liar’s word is worthless).

[2] The thing I am most likely to be dishonest with myself about is…
…hard to pinpoint.

Originally, I thought that I lied to myself about my emotions. After careful review, I realize that I
don’t lie about them at all; instead, I simply choose not to act upon them if inconvenient.

Instead, I think I lie to myself about how much someone else will be affected by my emotions
(or lack thereof). I tell myself that my friend is better off not knowing how I feel about them or
their choices, even if the truth is that I’m more comfortable (read: complacent) with telling them
nothing and avoiding conflict.

[3] When I am dishonest with myself it is usually because…
…I’m tired.

I feel like I’m bone-deep tired of humans. It’s silly, I know. But sometimes I feel like all of the
drama and intrigue and conflict is infectious and beneath me. I notice myself internally sneering
about something, and then I cringe as I recognize the judgment expressed by that feeling. I keep
it to myself, because I don’t want to deal with conflict (even if it would easily be resolved).

[4] I have no problem being honest with myself about…
…my goals, wants, and needs. I’ve come a long way here. Something in my clicked, and I
suddenly knew with extreme clarity just what I wanted from life this time around.

[5] I can talk to anyone honestly about…
…opinions based in fact or study.

I can talk politics, religion, and sex with anyone, as long as respect is present. I don’t mind
differing opinions; in fact, I tend to thrive in them. You learn so much looking at life from a
stranger’s point of view. My only issue is when respect leaves a conversation; then, so do I.

[6] At the moment, I would rate my self-honesty as ___ on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being
constantly lying to myself, and 10 being completely and objectively honest with myself.

[7] I would give myself this rating, because…
…when I review how I communicate with myself, I see very little deceit. It pleases me to see my
own internal honesty, even if it doesn’t always manifest for others in my expression.

[8] In a year, I would like to be ___ on this honesty scale.

[9] I am trying for this much progress because…
…maintaining personal honesty is a good goal. I’d like to work on my ability to be honest with
others more, though. I’ve started this process by voicing my concerns and opinions to those I
speak to regularly, making sure I don’t keep my mouth shut to take the easy path.

[10] Honesty is important because…
…from honesty grows trust, respect, and love. It’s the foundation.

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