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The Spirituality of LARPing

There are spiritual aspects to everything we do. Reading, writing. Working. Dancing, singing, playing. Eating, sleeping, bathing.

And LARPing.

LARP - noun - Live Action Role Play, a game in which a person wears a persona while interacting with others and playing out a plot

I’m preparing for my first LARP in a week or so. I’ve played a bit of D&D, and I’ve led a storytelling version of Vampire: The Masquerade with half a dozen friends. The biggest change here is the addition of more strangers and less control.

My character is exactly how I like her. A neonate vampire, made just a couple of weeks before meeting, full of questions and excitement over joining a new species and society all at once. In other words, she’s me.

There’s a spirituality in being yourself in someone else’s skin.

You can explore yourself in the safety of unreality.
You can explore the dark places,
the parts that want to go bump in the night,
the parts that scare you when you think of them,
the secrets.
You can explore the limitless god within yourself,
the part that holds life and death
like they were drumsticks and
your lap the drum.
You can explore the broken pieces of you,
the parts woven into your story
into your character
as if they were fictions
you could play out and drop
on a whim.

There is a reason mankind is full of storytellers. Writers. Directors. Producers. Teachers. Politicians. Cashiers. Everyone is a storyteller in some way or another. We can’t resist the urge to spin out a tale when interacting with others.

Every character you ever play in your stories is a reflection of you.

My main characters used to yearn and reach for finding love and saving the day. When life let me find contentment and commitment, I moved away from those personas. I prefer knowledge seekers, explorers, and wild ones in my stories as my life goals reflect theirs.

I nervously look forward to becoming a new me, wrapped in vampire and mythology. My tentative hope is to sink deeply into this new self and become something deeper in the process.

Who do you pretend to be?


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