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A sigil is a symbol that represents a thing or idea, but without being a picture or word that defines it. For example:

This is a personal sigil for Inspiration.
This is a personal sigil for Inspiration.

The sigil above represents “Inspiration”, at least to me. It’s a just squiggle to others, which means they may not find any power in using it. However, it was created using a method I developed.

First of all, most sigils are made using one of two methods. Some are made using magick squares, which are squares associated with the planets and elements that hold certain types of energy. These incorporate a bit of numerology and time. Others simply take a word or phrase, simplify it down to the minimum letters, and create a mashup from them to form a sigil.

I don’t like either method. Over a decade of pagan studies, I had never enjoyed studying sigils in the slightest. But then something clicked…

I was training with my old coven, tracing a sigil we’d just made as practice with my finger. Suddenly, I realized that the motion of my finger was similar to the motion of a person typing with one finger. An idea was born!

Taking a picture of a QWERTY keyboard, I started tracing words one letter at a time. The result? Sigils! They look like the sigil in the photo above (if you use a loose hand), or like the image below if you use digital tools.

Inspiration sigil on a QWERTY keyboard
Inspiration sigil on a QWERTY keyboard

If you’re a speed demon on the keyboard like I am (thanks, internet!), typing comes without thought. You can trace almost any word into a sigil. Cool, right?

It gets even cooler, though! You can turn any sigil into a ritual action, too! Just trace the word’s swype movements in the air, and you’ve used your sigil to call Earth or charge a candle’s flame with Protection.

It’s so easy!

[I randomly thought I’d share. I was skimming the posts tagged as “pagan”, and someone mentioned sigils and runes.]


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