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Thoughts on Hasan and the death penalty

Today, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan was sentenced to death. In 2009, he killed 13 people and injured more than 30 others. He put up no defense, clearly stating that he’d done it on purpose.

It is in this one area of society that I am not liberal.

I don’t believe that someone who wishes to die for their crime should be denied that wish.

I don’t believe that we (taxpayers) should get stuck paying for him to live while the appeals process runs its course (against his will).

I don’t believe that a publicly-witnessed mass murderer should get a trial, not when he was shot (but not killed) to stop the attack.

I believe the person who shot him should’ve aimed better.

I believe that a person who murders with intent and makes no denial is unworthy of sympathy.

I believe that the benefits of putting down a dangerous animal outweigh the concerns over its right to live; this applies to rabid dogs and violent people.

I will never find a modern death penalty to be unjust or unfair, given the amount of evidence that often precedes such a verdict.

I will always find it unfair when a murderer gets to live while his victims’ families get to weep.

I realize that this is a harsh and unbending way to look at justice. Thankfully, I’m not a judge nor would I be the lone voice of a jury. I’m one woman whose blood boils hot when injustice is served, and I live too close to this particular case to be objective. It will be hard to ignore Hasan’s existence and pretend we all get to move on, just as it will be hard not to pray he takes his own life (or has it taken from him) soon.

Actually, a part of me is most angered by men like Hasan due to their necessity. Balance must occur, and that means “evil” (negativity, violence, hate, etc.) must exist. It turns my stomach to accept that my spirituality demands I accept that this, too, is part of the whole. I do accept it, though, just as I accept that it will never go down smooth.


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