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Spring Cleaning All Layers

Spring Break is just another week away, and I have the week off (paid) to do with as I will. This year, I plan to do some spring cleaning.

Physically, I want to uber-clean my house. There’s dust in places I’ve been too lazy to reach. We need to finally finish going through the garage. I’m going to finish down-sizing my book collection (again) and cataloging what I have to avoid repeat purchases. My kitchen cabinets will get a rummage, as I wipe them down and check all my canned and boxed goods for expiration dates.

Mentally, I want to clear my mind and focus. I have a lot of small projects here and there, but my mind’s a bit like an over-burdened stove; there aren’t enough burners to get everything cooked! I’ve started the process by making a list steps to accomplish my achievable goals in a timely manner.

Emotionally, I want to cleanse myself of worries and doubts. I have personal issues to work through, and a week of work-free time might help me to wade my way through them.

Spirituality, I want to renew and review. My house could use a refreshment of the cleansing and blessing I originally did; there are new people living with me since the first ritual. I’ll continue to mold my personal Greco-Wiccan practice with my dear friend Sarah’s help, hammering out details and plans for seasonal celebration. In review, we’ll be continuing to pick topics for research; as Sarah learns, I review and relearn things I once took for granted. Lastly, my project currently in the works for a pagan vlog is waiting on some equipment and planning work.

That seems like a lot of work to get done in a week, but many aspects overlap. Take the cleaning portion of spring cleaning: I’ll be both cleaning (with a cloth) and cleansing (with blessed water, vinegar, etc.) my spaces, then following that up with a ritual blessing. My mental decluttering and focusing will directly connect to my spiritual renew and review goals.

All in all, I’m looking forward to some down time!


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