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If perception is reality, then my reality is intense and close at all times.

I can hear the wall of shrubs next to me as I walk beside the building I work in. I can taste the preservatives and artificial flavors in my foods, even ones I used to love. I can feel the subtle changes in air pressure and flow around me. I can smell when I woman is on her cycle (not my favorite thing in the world, I’d like to say). I can see patterns and remembered what I’ve seen or read with nearly-photographic memory.

I can explain away all of these things with science, if I were so inclined.

I “hear” the wall due to the echo of my own steps being directed back at close range. I can taste preservatives due to the mostly-natural diet I went on previously; it re-sensitized my taste buds, so the chemicals stand out as not being up-to-par with natural flavors. I feel the air pressure just like everyone else, I just pay more attention to it. My sense of smell is not better than anyone else’s, again I’m just paying more attention to the smells around me. My mind is clearly very sharp, so remembering what I see isn’t a surprise.

I can explain these skills with my therianthropy, with having been a snow leopard in a recent past life or having a snow leopard soul in my body.

My senses are all far superior to human senses. My ears, nose, eyes, and mouth all work toward survival and maintaining awareness of my surroundings. Cats have a natural “spidey sense” that comes from a combination of natural senses and the small bits of information they constantly collect.

I can give a spiritual explanation to these gifts as well.

I hear the shrubs because I’m hearing their spirits talk to me (as an animist, everything has a spirit). I can taste the unnatural things in my foods, because their energy clashes with mine (think of the toxins we consume, my body is warning me when I take them in). I’m an Air sign, I feel the air around me as energies ebb and flow; the world is in constant flux. I sense a woman’s moon cycle through smell, a therian’s gift for recognizing the fertility in those around me. My eyes see patterns to increase my spirit’s ability to syncronize with the world around me.

All that said, I can say that I am gifted with an intense, personal view of reality regardless of explanation.

A wise teacher once said that anything could be a gift, not just the big things. She was speaking of magickal gifts, of psychic talents. A small gift is still a gift. The ability to change the flavor of water. The ability to always know when to speed and when to follow the speed limit exactly (without seeing a cop or being familiar with the area). The ability to get any dog to like you, even the mean ones. The ability to pick up and use any athame with a moment’s notice.

We are all gifted. We take things for granted, because there are smarter, better, faster, stronger (lol) people in the world. But I am only myself; I cannot be the woman who can speak 20 languages, or the man who can write an entire computer program in minutes, or the child that can already play half a dozen instruments (with skill) at the age of 5. I can only be me, the girl who senses this world with intensity and focus.


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