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The Beat of a Heart

In my personal opinion, organ meats are earth-friendly. Why? Because we don’t kill the animals for their organs, we kill them for the muscle-meats.

That said, I’ve only ever had cow liver and chicken gizzards. The liver was a delicious experiment my mom did when I was young, a food all of her kids happened to love. The chicken gizzards I tried as an adult from a local fried chicken place. Chewy, but not too shabby.

Today while grocery shopping, I decided to make this weekend a sacred meal experiment. Originally, I only planned to grab some rabbit (first time for me) and prepare it in a magickal and sacred way. However, my browsing of the butchered meats led to a purchase including bison steaks and chicken hearts.

The chicken is a wonderful, under-appreciated animal. In food, its meat is versatile like nobody’s business. In life, they represent fertility and curiosity that leads to knowledge. We’re so separated from our meat sources that I’ve rarely had a whole bird since childhood, and I haven’t ever looked at the animal and wondered about the organs bundled inside. As with turkey, the organ bits were either trash or cooked for the family pet.

So all that said, tonight’s experiment was chicken heart stew. You can find the recipe I used here. If you happen to enjoy cow liver, I think you’d enjoy chicken hearts. The flavor is amazingly similar, as is the texture once they’re stewed. And as $0.89 per pound, they’re an amazingly affordable protein source.

I will definitely eat chicken hearts again. So many animal parts get discarded because of our squeamish culture; I like to think that I can personally make an effort to help use “all parts” of the animal (or at least the ones available).

Tomorrow will be rabbit stew. Rabbit and I have an interesting relationship; I intent to meditate with Her before cooking, and to give proper respect and honor during the process. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the meat I purchased has any bones (damn convenience strikes again). I’ve been collecting and cleaning bones from various food animals for my totemic practices. We shall see…


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