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Adventures in Vegetarianism

Vegetarian diets are popular in the pagan community. Reasons vary, from health to personal views on animal spirits to energy intake, and so on. As with any topic, you could ask a hundred pagans just to get a hundred and fifty-seven responses to their views on vegetarianism.

In high school, I was a pescatarian. I ate vegetarian meals, but I also consumed water animals. At the time, my reasons stemmed from both an overload of protein at family meals and a discontent with the way farm animals are raised. Because I’m a wonderfully lazy little girl, I often cooked ramen noodles or rice and added vegetables as a filler. For three years, I managed to gladly avoid beef, pork, and chicken. Then times changed, and I went back to a mixed diet.

That said, I know from experience that [a] I enjoy a meat-free (or mostly so) diet and [b] I believe that I’m a true omnivore and find no shame in being so.

Now comes the fun part.

I’ve decided that my diet bores me. I don’t often cook, instead settling on easy frozen meals for lunches at work. My pallet is listless, nostalgic over the memories of simple vegetable dishes and plain rice. To assuage my hunger for something more, I’m embracing a fully vegetarian diet for two weeks. Starting next week, I’ll be trying out dozens of recipes I’ve collected in an effort to branch out and try new things.

My goal is to find various dishes that I would gladly make again. They all have E-A-S-Y as a major ingredient; who wants to spend an hour fixing tomorrow’s lunch? Many of the recipes are meat-able; with very little modification, I could un-vegetarianize them for myself or others down the road. However, the point is to find recipes that I enjoy as-is.

As I cook and devour these (hopefully) delicious recipes, I’ll be posting them here and sharing my thoughts. This endeavor is also spiritual, though. I find that my tired, bored pallet and tummy lead to a tired and bored ME. Changing up my diet will also change up my energy levels, encouraging me to be more active both physically and magically. I want to think about what I eat, and why. Every ingredient holds potential magical energies, waiting to be unlocked by my awareness. Also, spring’s approaching and the idea of a home garden is appealing.

Walk with me while I try this out. Share experiences, offer recipes. And try something new. You never know what you might find…


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