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I am a Lover [poem]

I am a Lover.
I am flowing with love. My heart is an endless river.
I share my love with all of creation.
I cultivate love with those I hold dear.
I understand my love is unconditional, that I may not expect to receive like in return.
I will never use my love as a weapon.
I will never threaten to remove it as punishment.
I am a body, a heart, and a spirit.
I stand ready to show passion with my touch, tenderness with my heart, and Perfect Love with my spirit, to all of my Lovers.
I am a hot-blooded woman of sensuality and grace.
I am a Lover.

Learning about being a Lover

  • Step One: The Universe, in its infinite wisdom, places you with a perfect match. This is the person who you instinctively recognize as necessary in your life, like air for breathing.
  • Step Two: The Universe, determined to coax personal growth from you, has you fall in love with your same-sex best friend. While this may seem like a cosmic joke, it’s a sincere attempt to open your eyes to new facts about yourself.
  • Step Three: You research polyamory, sacred sexuality, and similar topics in an effort to understand your new outlook. Your partner from Step One remains open and supportive in this process.
  • Step Three: As you settle into this new understanding of your sexuality, the Universe sees another opportunity for self-improvement. Thus, a second opposite-sex partner comes into the picture. This is a hard sell, as it goes most directly against your upbringing. Again, your Step One partner provides the support and unconditional love needed for you to explore this new development.
  • Step Four: You learn to appreciate the humor in the Universe’s lessons and teaching methods. You accept that sometimes “going with the flow” is all you can do. And you love, deeply.

This has been my life, for the past six months. I’ve gone from being the straight, monogamous little girl everyone is raised to be… to being a demisexual, polyamorous woman learning to appreciate love in all its forms. The Universe has challenged me, pushing and prodding me with each step. And I have to admit, I’m grateful. The amount of positive change and growth has SO outweighed the cost that I find it impossibly hard to believe the Universe waited so long… but at the same time, I believe that things happen in their own time, at their own pace, for their own reasons.

I am blessed with Love. May you also be blessed.


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