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CMA Samhain (one week left!)

It’s time to get excited! YAY!

CMA Samhain will be here in a week. Next Wednesday I’ll be heading down with other early-arrivers to help with the overall setup. We’ll be arranging the vendor’s booths, getting the various stations prepared, and doing any last-minute clearing that needs to be done (we’ve had some stormy weather lately).

Unfortunately, I won’t be having a booth to sell my books. The cost of getting the books, even with my author’s discount, was more than I could handle. I will, however, have order forms for anyone wanting an autographed copy.

And my workshop is officially on Friday, October 16th at 2:30-3:30pm in Brighid’s Crossing. I’m hoping to see a dozen or so people there, but we’ll see.

My profile on Myspace is now open to the public (as opposed to its once locked-down status), so feel free to check it out. Many of my blogs are open to the public and semi-spiritual in nature, and I even have my awesome order form in my pictures.

May the stars sparkle in your night skies!


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