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CMA Samhain 2009

CMA Samhain 2009

I will be at CMA Samhain this year for several wonderful firsts!

  • My first Pagan festival!
  • My first ever workshop!
  • My first self-promoted book sale!

CMA is a Pagan festival where hundreds of people get together for an extended weekend of fun. There are various vendors, workshops, and rituals to attend.

And I will be involved in it all! I will be vending my book “Dark-Hearted” at the festival, which will be a wonderful experience. I will be leading a workshop on the use of poetry in learning about our shadow selves. And my coven will be leading the Friday night ritual.

The excitement just keeps building! The festival is here in Texas, and I highly recommend it to everyone. A chance to get close to a large community of friendly, interesting people is just too good to pass up.

I look forward to seeing and/or hearing from many of you in the months to come! Bright blessings to you!!


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