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Sending out feelers

I’m working on “sending out feelers”… that is, on getting the various local bookstores and what have you to carry my books. We’ll see how convincing I am as time goes by.

I’m also looking into contacting other stores in two ways. One is via email, for some bookstores in my “hometown” (as close as I have to one, at least). I think I can convince some of them to carry a “local” author, even though I don’t live there anymore. If anything, my relatives in the area may be able to build some hype for me. The second way I’m going to attempt to contact stores is through my wonderful network of friends. If they ask their local branches to carry my book for them and other friends, it’ll be available to more people.

The biggest road block is that I still haven’t discovered whether my book is “returnable”. It’s a process in which a bookstore can return unsold books down the road and get a refund. Bookstores tend to shy away from non-returnable books. So we’ll see where mine stands tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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