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Falling Apart [poem]

Tears fell to my pillow as I thought
about the way my life has changed.
People and places I once called home
were quickly gone and left me pained.
I see the stars, just like before,
but things just aren’t the same.
I can’t explain just what is different;
it’s a strange thing I cannot name.
My room, my cage, my shallow grave,
the place I avoid throughout my days,
calls to me, it beckons me
to give in to anger’s ways.
“I hate my life, I hate the world!
I wish it would all go away!”
Those words are what it wants from me,
those words I’m supposed to say.
I don’t care about that dreary place.
It never appealed to my mind or heart,
but still I wish for just this once
I hadn’t fallen apart.


bookdragon, poet, witch

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